Is torture ever justified

For otherwise it is extremely difficult to assess the validity or plausibility of the associated general empirical claim that in practice no act of torture has ever been, nor ever will be, morally justified. Torture by all means is wrong i don't know what justification can be given to using the awareness of a human to inflict pain and suffering on another human. Torture is it ever justified lieutenant colonel jon s jackson, a career army officer and lawyer, takes aim at this difficult issue drawing on his experiences as defense counsel for detainees at. Can torture, the infliction of intolerable pain to extract potentially life-saving information from war criminals, ever be justified what if this torture or activity is sanctioned or ordered by those in authority.

The ticking time bomb: can torture ever be justified essay - robson (2002 cited in crow and semmens 2008) stated that the aim of any research usually falls into one of three categories, to describe something, to explore/understand a phenomenon, or to explain/measure it. As you are probably aware, britain has previously flirted with highly coercive interrogation (hci) in the context of counterterrorism operations in northern ireland, although in this instance the. Is the use torture ever justified essay sample according time in the follow asian, middle east and other countries have used torture as a tool of murder for over two thousand years.

/ torture is never justified torture through the history the concept of torture is at the base of many conflicts that take place throughout the country in fact, it began in ancient times with the romans and greeks forcing their prisoners to participate in some of the worst forms of torture we’ve ever known since that time,. Home / national security, politics / is torture ever justified as a rule, torture is wrong because it violates the dignity of human beings created in the image of god that is the same reason it is wrong to kill someone. Can torture ever be moral by gary gutting and jeff mcmahan january 26, 2015 3:10 am january 26, 2015 3:10 am should we treat cases of justified torture the way some say we should treat cases of justified civil disobedience: you may, in extraordinary cases, have a moral right to disobey the law, but then you have to face the. The bomb has been ticking ever since september 11th, 2001 given the damage we were willing to cause to the bodies and minds of innocent children in afghanistan and iraq, our disavowal of torture.

In a cbs news poll released monday, nearly 7 in 10 considered waterboarding torture, but about half said that the technique and others are, at times, justified fifty-seven percent said harsh. Ethical arguments have arisen regarding torture, and its debated value to societydespite worldwide condemnation and the existence of treaty provisions that forbid it, some countries still use it the ethical assertion that torture is a tool is at question. Is torture ever justified are there ever times when it is acceptable, or even desirable, for a state or government to torture people here are three points of view as example arguments: 1 sometimes a government needs to get information fast to sav. Is torture ever justfied will get you the information to save a million people, are you justified in doing so not only is it permissible it is a moral duty and once you've established the principle, the argument is not whether torture is ever permissible, but when—in other words, how big, how imminent, how preventable does the.

The reality is that torture may sometimes work, but that no statement made under torture should ever be believed unless it is self-proving or corroborated by hard evidence. Reality is that people have always justified torture we can even identify with them, if they’re packaged correctly from the dirty harry style of hollywood cops bending the rules to ‘get even’ and to save lives, to military psychological operations units devising perverse mind games to break the enemy. I do not think that torture is ever justified it is cruel and inhuman, it shows no humanity i do not believe in torture i feel it is not a necessary i don't feel that criminals or anyone being tortured feels any remorse for what they have done.

Is torture ever justified

Some people are pro-torture and some are not, and both sides are represented in is torture ever justified, in which most contributors offer both thoughtful and interesting reasons as to why their particular view is the correct one. The view that torture may be justified is most common in sub-saharan africa, where a median of 55% hold this view it is least common in latin america (a median of 25%) in the us, 58% say torture can be justified as part of efforts to prevent terrorist attacks. Torture is still practised, justified or tolerated by many governments president trump has brought this discussion back to the political agenda find out more about the potential advantages and disadvantages of torture and join our poll and debate (see below.

  • Includes bibliographical references (p 88-89) and index torture is never justified / kenneth roth -- torture is sometimes justified / henry mark holzer -- torture should be legalized and regulated / alan m dershowitz -- the us military need not obey the geneva conventions when dealing with suspected terrorists / john yoo -- the us military should always obey the geneva conventions.
  • This case raises the question of whether torture is ever justifiable popular opinion according to a survey released by amnesty international last year, approximately one-fifth of australians think that torture is justified in certain circumstances.
  • Terrorism and civil liberty is torture ever justified have the terrorist attacks of september 11th 2001 put a lasting dent in civil liberties the first of a series begins this week with a look.

Is torture ever justified this question response automatically comes the way one may perceive torture or defines torture’s meaning in a number of dictionaries torture is defined as, “extreme pain anguish of body or mind, or the act of inflicting excruciating pain,. Can torture ever be justified as part of the perspectives series, bbc religion and ethics asked two contributors to bbc one's religious debate programme the big questions to develop some of the. It disturbs me that some of those who object to the use of torture do so on the basis that our enemies might then resort to the same methods with coalition captives what a specious argument. Torture isn’t justified because the law is pretty clear about not being forced to testify against ones self, and on cruel and unusual punishment so ixnay on the orturetay.

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Is torture ever justified
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